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Been awhile since I posted screenies of this journal's name sake. So here's a couple.

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So here's a picture of Thunderbrew Distillery with a bunny on its head. )

Noblegarden shot of Ceyte in bunny-form, my gnome DK on Cenarion Circle. I love gnomes. They're my favorite Alliance race. Cenarion Circle is an RP server, so I've combined RP with the need to run around the lowbie areas and pick flowers to level up my Herbalism. Ceyte doesn't wear her DK armor, and doesn't use a weapon. She kills things with her fists.

Which is kind of scary on its own.

And she doesn't talk to people. At all. XD

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Thursday, 30 April 2009 19:31
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Finally making a post!

Kiraleen, Ravenholdt, (currently level 41), my blood elf mage, is the highest Horde character I have. I stared her on The Scryers, lost interest in playing her due to being bit by the raiding bug on my main, and only recently picked her up again. Thanks to a post on LJ's wow_ladies, I found an RP guild that actually fit her personality (brief summary: she's the My Little Pony of the Horde). Granted, Ravenholdt is a RPPVP server, and I suck worse than a Hoover at PvP...but you can't have everything. Compared to Boulderfist, Ravenholdt's a tea party.

Anyway, it's Noblegarden, and I took screenshots of Kiraleen in her Easter best Noblegarden finest. And a couple in her battle gear. I think the tabard adds some needed modesty. I kept expecting to get an IC-mail from her guild leader: "Recruit. Where are the rest of your clothes?"

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